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Patat Spot

Published on April 17, 2012 by in Reviews


41 George
Lunch & Dinner everyday, open late Fri & Sat

After an attempted visit to the food trucks to find nothing but super long lines and vendors quickly running out of food we had street food on the mind and had been hoping to try Patat Spot for quite some time now.

When you first enter the rather cozy restaurant on the busy row of restaurants on George Street, you’ll immediately notice the bright yellow tiles covering the wall and the rich smell of fried food (don’t worry if you don’t get enough of this smell while you’re in the restaurant – it’ll be with you on your clothes all day).

We split the REGULAR FALAFEL ($7.95) and made it a combo for an extra $2.99, which supplemented our meal with PATAT FRIET and a drink. Before we get any further, I’ll steal their description of a falafel: “a Mediterranean spiced chickpea cake inside of fresh whole grained pita bread.” The regular size comes with two patties garnished with tahini sauce. They have a great salad/topping bar packed with extras to garnish your pita just as you like it. Options include Babaganoush, Israeli Couscous Salad, spinach, tabouli, spicy chickpeas, etc. I suggest loading up as much as possible on your plate to try them all.  The falafel had an amazing smoky flavor and, although it was fried, wasn’t heavy at all.

The fries are their other specialty and are prepared in the true Dutch/Belgian fashion. They are made from freshly cut potatoes, cooked twice to make the them crunchy while still keeping them thick. The fries are great, but the thing to get most excited about are the dozen-some-odd dipping sauces, ranging from Siracha ketchup to jalapeno cheese to olive oil and capers. We went with the CURRY sauce and INDONESIAN KETCHUP, both of which are made in-house. The curry sauce was pretty good, but a little creamy (probably a mayonnaise base?) for my taste, and the Indonesian ketchup tasted like a saltier version of regular ketchup that had spices mixed in (almost tasted simply like Old Bay to me). So, the two we tried weren’t amazing, but, if anything, it just left me wanting to try others on another visit.

And don’t worry, this just-over-a-year-old restaurant is open late on weekend nights, too if you work up an appetite from doing all those 12-ounce curls.

Tip: they sell $1 mystery beers (although its usually no mystery that the beer will be crappy) and you can make that your drink if you get a combo.

Bottom line: If you don’t leave this place craving those fries worse than Whitney Houston craves craved ‘nose candy’ (too soon?) then you must be out of your mind.

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  1. Thank you for stopping by our reraaustnt. We certainly appreciate your interest and are thrilled that you liked the Falafel. We are of course disappointed in the report that the friet were below yours and our standards. We always strive to make sure EVERYTHING is prepared correctly. There are a couple of clarifications I would like to make. The owner is of Dutch heritage but born and raised right here in Charleston(CofC class of 93). The “cilantro, mint, bean combo” falafel also includes chick peas and is formed and prepared in a traditional patty, the “small hockey puck” shape. When any of the sandwich combo’s are ordered the friet are placed in the basket along with the sandwich($7.90 for Junior Sandwich, drink and friet). The regular friet($3.95)are served in a tray as you might see in the streets of Holland and the large(5.95)and double friet(7.75)are served in the paper cones. Please come by and see us again as we are constantly striving to offer the best of everything. We welcome and appreciate your comments. The Patat Spots…..